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Alice's Summer of Sports: Daily Exercise Challenge

Alice and her amazing friends are here with you all summer with 'Summer of Sports: Daily Exercise Challenge' and this one’s bound to get some giggles out of the kids and the family! Take part in the daily exercise challenge, and become a medal winner from your own home, garden or local park.

Alice’s challenge for the summer is to get moving more and we hope you will join in with us too? Starting from Monday 26th July – 8th August in our quest to get moving more this summer, we'll be creating our own olympic games in the comfort of our living room with these movement activity challenges for kids! We're sharing a simple 7 days exercise challenge, repeated twice over two weeks.

Movement is so important to incorporate into our children’s daily life. I believe it is our job as parents to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle. If your little one gets excited about dance and movement like mine do, then use this excitement to create your own living room or backyard Olympics.

Choose a movement challenge and compete! – join in on our Summer of Sports daily exercise ideas (times outlined for each activity is just a guide, if you want to do it for longer feel free to do so!):

DAY 1: Marching Soldiers with high knees! Today's challenge is to march with high knees on the spot or around the room/garden for 2 minute. Pretty simple , right? Play some music while you do so for extra fun and why not get the whole family involved too?

DAY 2: Hop Around!

Today's challenge is to do 20 hops on each leg while trying to keep your balance like Olympic gymnasts. Alice's Tip: While hopping on one leg try to jump as high as possible and then strike a landing pose like all of the very talented gymnasts.

DAY 3: Super Star Jumps! Today's challenge is to do 20 super star jumps! Alice's Tip: To do a super star jump, stand tall with your arms by your side and knees slightly bent. Jump up, extending your arms and legs out into a shining star shape in the air – make sure you stretch! Land softly, with your knees together and hands by your side.

Pretty simple and fun, right? Why not play some music while you do so for extra fun and why not get the whole family involved?

DAY 4: Tree Poser!

Today's challenge is to do the tree pose for 1 minute while trying to keep your balance like Olympic gymnasts.

The tree pose is a fantastic way for your child to develop their balance skills.

Alice's Tip: Try to do tree pose along with your child – slowly and carefully so that they can copy you. Your child will love to do the activity with you and moving with your child is a powerful way to strengthen the bond between you both.

DAY 5: Bear Crawl!

Today's challenge is to Bazza Bear crawl for 2 minute.

How to do them:

● Get on all fours with your hands shoulder-width apart and feet behind you - hips raised in the air.

● Look forward and crawl along the floor, starting with your right hand and left foot. Follow with the left hand and right foot.

● Take about six steps and then turn around and bear crawl back.

DAY 6: Seated Toe Touch!

Today's challenge is to touch your toes without bending your knees. Not sure how to do it? Alice’s got some instructions for you.

This stretching exercise is good for the hamstring and the lower back. It releases hamstring tension, flexes the spine, and improves the motion of hips.

Alice's Stretching Tips: Sit on the floor with legs straight forward and feet next to one another.

Slowly bend forward and touch the toes with hands. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds and return to the original position.

Beginners can also perform this exercise while sitting in a chair and legs slightly bent.

DAY 7: Rest Day

Stretching exercises help keep the child active and make their body flexible. Encourage your child to take up the exercise challenge. You may perform them yourself so that the child gets interested in them. This way, you can have a healthy bonding time with your children.

Do you have any more stretching exercises to share? Leave your comments.

– Love, Alice and friends x

Remember, don't forget to tag us in your pics and videos to share what you're getting up to on social media, and be in with a chance to win a digital goodie bag! – Champions will be notified via our social feeds by 13th August 2021 – let the games commence! :) Tag @whenalicesleeps and use #AlicesSummerOfSports


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