Meet Alice and Friends


Alice LOVES adventure. You’ll often see Alice, and her distinctive strawberry mark, dancing in the rain and making friends with her dream world’s most interesting and flamboyant characters!


Lucky is always ready to rock and roll! He's a big music fan who loves to play on his electric guitar, but he's also a bit clumsy which leads to all sorts of adventures......


Frankie is a very clever hippo. He knows lots of things about lots of things, but he especially loves numbers. He loves them so much that he sometimes thinks he’s a calculator! He's a proper boffin!

When Alice Sleeps illustrations
When Alice Sleeps illustrations


Joy is a sassy cat. She loves to draw and paint all the time and she can often be found painting the amazing landscapes in Alice’s dreams. She really is joyful!


Sunny is quite the sophisticated cat. She loves to share and brightens everyone's day! You can always rely on her to have something interesting to say!


Winnie is a magical unicorn whale with a talent for eating sweet fluffy clouds. You'll often see her swimming in the sky, moving at blazing fast speed, playing with Alice and her friends.

When Alice Sleeps illustrations


Bazza bear is everyone's great big cuddly, often quite clumsy but thoughtful furry friend! His hobbies include making things, snacking, taking naps and gets excited about trips flying on clouds. Bazza loves jam – who can be a quite grumpy especially when he's HANGRY!

True the Magic Star


Hovering around Alice's dreamworld is a star called True; who's honest and bright, she always knows what to do.

If you close your eyes and tell True your wish, she will grow brighter, swish and flourish!

Have you spotted her yet? 

Happy Moon

Happy Moon shines light on Alice's world and shares a great big smile with everyone. 



Big Dreamers


Adventure over to play games with Alice and friends!