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Our 25-Day Kindness Countdown Journal

Our Kindness Countdown activity is a reminder to prioritise doing things for others while looking after our own mental health at the same time. A great way to teach mindfulness to our little ones and also ourselves too!

✨ 1st July

Big Al managed to tidy and make her own bed this morning. She's been pretty good at doing this lately – I think it's showing how she's being more independent and showing a sense of pride and reinforcing the fact that it's the little things in life that matter. I've told Big Al that a made bed in the morning encourages her to believe today will be a better day too; and so far it's working!! 😍

25 Day Kindness Countdown Activity Idea
Day 1 idea: Make your bed!

25 Day Kindness Countdown Activity Idea

✨ 2nd July

Big Al managed to do a session of Yoga with Cosmic Kids on Youtube 😍 – she's currently really into this at the moment and can do a full episode with Jamie all by herself.

My four-year-old is transfixed. She likes to perform the routine almost daily, and his is how I succeed in getting some work stuff done, cleaning up or cooking dinner without worrying that Big Al might be drawing on the walls, or mysteriously getting her head stuck under her bed. The channel have some fantastic interactive episodes which aim to build strength, balance and confidence - and gets kids into yoga and mindfulness early!

Cosmic Kids is less guilt-inducing than, say, plonking toddlers in front of PJ Masks or PAW Patrol, but still a useful way to buy time. And, crucially, mine seem to love it!

25 Day Kindness Countdown Activity Idea
Day 2 idea: Look after Yourself!


Are you doing our Kindness Countdown with your kids? It will be so fun to see them light up when they do something that puts a smile on another person’s face. Let us know how you get on over on Instagram or Facebook! – Cindy & Alice 🐰


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