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Dream Friend of the Month: Alice the Adventurous Bunny!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Let’s learn about our Dream Friend of the Month, ALICE!

Meet Alice the Adventurous Bunny

Meet our Alice the Adventurous Bunny who’s our ‘Dream Friend of the Month’! 💛

Read on for whimsical facts about our cheeky and witty adventurous sleepy-head bunny!

Alice is an adventurous, fearless bunny. Join her with her distinctive strawberry mark, and discover an enchanted world of magical adventures as Alice sleeps! Working to solve the every day problems in her Dreams with her flamboyant friends.


Check out more fun facts about Alice:


Alice is bright, cheerful and full of passion. she gets super excited when she's with her awesome friends: Joy, Frankie, Lucky, Sunny, Winnie and Bazza.

When Alice Sleeps she designs and creates works of art to make life’s moments beautiful! Dreams of a world where you can swim in the sky and fly underground; surf a rainbow and eat the fluffiest sweet clouds, ever! Join our Alice as she embarks on magical adventures, with amazing friends, in her extraordinary dreams!

You’ll often see Alice, and her distinctive strawberry mark ~ she is a new kind of hero, and the only one with the ability to activate the magical powers of ‘the Dreams’! She doesn't wield a sword or wear a cape, instead it's her magical strawberry birthmark and kindness that makes her aspirational to her peers. Days are never dull with Alice empowering those around her with imagination, empathy, and mindfulness.


Curious, kind, persistent and cheeky!


Sleeping, napping and dreaming.


You’ll often see Alice, and her distinctive strawberry mark. Oozing cheerful laughter to her friends with her wit and colourful humour.



Let’s meet Alice’s friends!...

Alice the adventurous bunny keeps free-spirited and imaginative by her abundance of friends! Meet Frankie the Know-it-all Hippo, Joy the creative Tiger Cat, Lucky the Rockstar Lion, Sunny the Socialite Cat, Bazza Bear and Winnie the magical Unicorn Whale!


Alice the Adventurous Bunny

Follow When Alice Sleeps on Instagram

Follow When Alice Sleeps on Instagram

Stay adventurous and curious with Alice!


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