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March 2022 Phone Wallpaper

✨ New Alice March 2022 phone wallpaper ✨

Hope this month's new wallpaper encourages you to take a day (or two) off and not to feel at all guilty when you do! It is possible to take a day off from your business and pursuing your dreams, but you should know that it doesn’t mean that you are not working.⁠

Turn off that laptop, or phone, or see if you can get some childcare help for a few hours to get out for some "me" time. It's totally ok to recharge and take care of yourself. Let yourself off the hook. Protect your energy 💗

If the pandemic taught me anything it’s that our today belong to ourselves not to others and definitely not to those who don’t care about our well being. While many perks come with being mummy, it isn't perfect and super tiring or monotonous, and without breaks during the day to take a minute for yourself ("when baby naps, you nap" they say!?" – Erm, NOPE!), unless you count locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes? Adult conversation is rare, unless you count Instagram, or a quick Whatsapp message. And, sick days? Nope. They don't exist.


It is OK to say no to extra work.

It is OK not to answer that email. It is OK to leave the washing until tomorrow.

It is OK to leave the piles of clothes on the bed left unfolded.

It is OK to take a rest day.

It’s actually more than OK, it’s essential for your YOU.

We all have our breaking point where we need to get away.

Download away! – Love, Cindy & Alice x


click to download Take a Day Off on Pink Calendar wallpaper.

click to download Take a Day Off on Blue Calendar wallpaper.


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