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Earth Day Excitement: Dive into Our Activity Pack!

Join us on an exciting journey to explore the wonders of our big, beautiful world and learn how we can take care of it together. Click here to download your free When Alice Sleeps Nature Explorer printables to celebrate Earth Day (22 April) in a special way!

Worksheets include:

  • Get Crafty: DIY Binoculars

  • Be a Nature Explorer: Scavenger Hunt

  • Earth Day Colouring Sheet

Earth Day Delights: 5 Ways to Spark Eco Joy!

Let's explore together and learn how to care for our planet with fun and eco-friendly activities!

Ready for an Earth Day adventure? – Let's go on a Nature's Hunt! Grab your binoculars (or make your own from our printables), it's time to explore nature! Take a walk outside and see how many natural treasures you can find. From colourful flowers to fluttering butterflies, there's so much to discover. Use the checklist provided to mark off each item as you find it. Plus, don't forget to take pictures of your favourite finds!

Create Your Own Recycled Art Masterpiece!

Let's get creative and turn trash into treasure! Collect recyclable materials from around your home, like cardboard, paper tubes, and old magazines. Use your imagination to create a work of art that celebrates the beauty of our planet. Whether it's a colourful collage or a funky sculpture, the possibilities are endless! – Don't forget to share with us your creations!

Spread Kindness to Mother Earth!

Earth Day is all about showing love and kindness to our planet. Brainstorm with your little ones as a family and come up with a list of eco-friendly acts of kindness you can do together. Whether it's picking up litter at the park or planting trees in your neighbourhood, every small act makes a big difference!

Kindness Rocks!

Spread kindness like confetti! Paint rocks with messages of love for the Earth and scatter them in your community. Let's inspire others to care for our planet and make the world a brighter place together!

Plant a Seed of Love

Get your hands dirty and plant a seed with love! Choose your favourite flower or vegetable and watch it grow with care. Remember to water it gently and give it plenty of sunshine too. Together, we can help our Earth bloom!

Learning about Earth Day is crucial for children because it empowers them to become stewards of the planet, fostering a deep connection to nature and instilling the values of conservation and sustainability from an early age.

Did you have fun with our craftivity? Tag us @whenalicesleeps and use #whenalicesleeps for a chance to be featured. It always makes our day seeing how your little ones get on with our craftivities!

Activity worksheets designed by Cindy Cheung


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