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Dream Friend of the Month: Winnie the Magical Unicorn Whale!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Let’s learn about our Dream Friend of the Month, WINNIE!

Meet Alice the Adventurous Bunny

Meet our magical unicorn whale who’s our ‘Dream Friend of the Month’! 💛

Read on for whimsical facts about our super colourful, gigantic friendly whale!

Winnie consumes dream essence, which makes Winnie BIG and STRONG with happiness!

She is one humongous magical unicorn whale sporting a lion-like rainbow mane. Being one of the oldest friends in Alice's dreamworld, Winnie’s super wise, strong and always looking out for her friends. With a talent for eating sweet fluffy clouds.


Check out more fun facts about Winnie the Whale:


See the unicorn on Winnie’s head? It’s actually magical! Although Winnie won’t admit it, you can tell by how she treats the unicorn on her head that it’s one her prized possessions. She’s very protective of it! Winnie uses her magic to shrink and hide in her unicorn, where her soul takes care of her and nurtures her. Despite knowing Alice Bunny for a couple of years, Winnie and Alice are very close.

How old is Winnie, anyway? “I can’t remember!” – that sounds like the type of anwer your grandparents might say....Winnie is the oldest out of all Alice’s friends.


Colourful inside out. Winnie’s body and mane can be any colour of the spectrum.

Winnie LOVES accessories! Flowers, gem stones, glitter are some of her favourite things.


Winnie is laid-back, full of wisdom and generous to her friends.


Naps often and enjoys eating sweet fluffy clouds.



Let’s meet Winnie Whale’s friends!...

Winnie the Whale always keeps close watch on her friends! – Meet Alice the Adventurous Bunny, Frankie the Know-it-all Hippo, Joy the creative Tiger Cat, Lucky the Rockstar Lion, Sunny the Socialite Cat, and our friendly Bazza Bear!


Winnie the Magical Unicorn Whale

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Stay colourfully magical and keep dreaming big with our Winnie!


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