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Easter Crafts: Make a Alice Bunny Pop-up Card

Make your own Alice Bunny Pop-up Card

Children love making crafts and getting creative during the school holidays, and this one is simple yet adorable. Make a gorgeous pop-up Alice Bunny card and send some good snail mail wishes to friends & family ~ let them know you haven't forgotten about them! 💌 With all the ways we have to connect with each other, it's crazy how easy it is to still loose touch with people too.

Download the print-friendly PDF card template here.

Make your own Alice Bunny Pop-up Card

You will need:

• Alice Bunny pop-up card printable template

• Green card/or thick paper (other colours are fine too)

• Print paper (regular or heavy)

• Scissors

• Glue

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Print off the Alice Bunny pop-up card template in “High Quality” onto white premium paper stock.

  2. Cut out the parts according to the instructions on the template and fold them as marked. The card is folded with the printed side facing in.

  3. Alice Bunny and the band is to be folded in half with the printed side facing out. Alice Bunny’s legs are folded with the printed side facing in.

  4. Cut a coloured card/or paper to fit the printed card template onto and fold it in half.

  5. Glue the legs over the grey area on the printed card template. Then do the same with the band. Finally, glue the printed card on to the coloured card/or paper.

  6. All done! Your Alice Bunny pop-up card is complete.

Make your own Alice Bunny Pop-up Card

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{Photos and illustrative artwork by Cindy Cheung}


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