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Bones and Treats Printable Board Game

Get ready for hours of fun with this colourful twist on traditional snakes and ladders… Bones and Treats! Can you help Witch Alice make her way through the When Alice Sleeps Haunted House and up to her cauldron first? Will you get to ride down the cold bones or get to climb back up the sweet treats to get ahead?

A fun-filled game illustrated by Cindy Cheung the whole family can enjoy.

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Our game requires no reading, a little counting and is a fabulous introduction to gaming, and teaching skills like taking turns, and winning/losing with ease. An awesome printable (and easy to make up) game that your kids—and whole family— can enjoy!


You will need to print and make up the board, dice and player cube counters in this pack. Tip: sticking these pages onto A4 card will help to make your board and dices more durable and last longer.

Please note that this activity will require theuse of scissors, so we recommend adult supervision.


Choose a player to go first.

The player rolls the dice and moves along the numbers shown on the board and make your way to the top. Hopefully you don’t land on any bones!


There are bones and sweets of varying lengths scattered around the board. Landing on bones causes you to slide down the board, while you can climb up sweets you land at the foot of.


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