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5 Ways to Make Amazing Summer Memories

Summer memories from our childhood are special. The kids grow up way too fast so it means the times we get to share together as a family are important and grow family bonds – Summer memories do last a lifetime. But, these days it can feel like making memories with your kids requires Pinterest-perfecto projects or pricey holidays away to make up for lost time. To us, our take on summer breaks are a bit more realistic and we’re always looking for authentic ways to make summer simply special.

Here’s five ways we’ve learned to create simple, yet memorable summer memories that will last a lifetime… There’s nothing like seeing Big Al’s face light up with smiles — and these simple ideas don’t cost a month’s salary!

1) Picnic in the Local Park ☀️ ~ picnics are a traditional fave that never gets old in our books. We always end up going to feed the ducks too and going in the free playground ~ we’re lucky to have a massive park just down the road ✌️

2) Going to a family-friendly theme park 🎢 ~ c’mon who doesn’t like fun rides!?

3) Bake up Bunny Bread Rolls for breakfast ~ Whip up a bunny treat with the kids in the kitchen with these Bunny Bread Rolls! My little girl utterly loves anything baked, and she certainly gets her sweet-tooth off me! – They are simply great with just a pat of melted butter, and you'll love them as a morning breakfast treat to pair with coffee or juice to start their sunny day right! See our recipe here.

4) Going to a family-friendly theme park 🎢 ~ c’mon who doesn’t like fun rides!?

5) Summer Freedom ✌️~ the truth is, you don’t need to plan your family’s entire summer! Set an expectation that they’ll be entertained at every moment and some of the best memories will happen naturally 💛

There’s nothing wrong with having lazy stay at home days chilling in front of the tv, and I promise you we will be having plenty of those! (because let’s face it there’s a lot of days to fill!) 😅 ~ Find what works for your family. Whatever you do this summer you will be making memories with your kids either way. And thats what it's all about. Embrace the chaos and just take it day by day 🐰🍓☀️

How do you make summer memories?

What’s your fave summer memory from your childhood? We'd love to hear them.

{Photos by Cindy Cheung}


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