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Join our 28 Days of Kindness Challenge

Please join us in our When Alice Sleeps, 28 Days of Kindness campaign and learn how to spread acts of kindness all month long!

We’re inviting children to take part in our 28 Days of Kindness Challenge to celebrate the art of being kind. Each day, from 1st March, we will be posting activity ideas and resources on Instagram to show kindness and encouraging children to write about how they felt when they did it. Why not get the whole family involved and let's spread a little cheer to friends and others!

The campaign is a reminder to prioritise doing things for others while looking after our own mental health at the same time too, it's a great way to teach mindfulness to our little ones and also ourselves!

Need ideas? Here are easy ways to spread kindness:

Pop over to our campaign's page here for full details and free resources.

Track your little one's kindness progress with ourA4 weekly tracker, simply ask them to write down (or you make a note) what they did and ask them how they felt after doing their act of kindness. It's a wonderful way to help kids visualise and discuss kindness.

Show us how you are spreading acts of kindness for the month by using the hashtag and tag @WhenAliceSleeps in your photo or video so that we can see and egg each other on!


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