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Dream Big,


Currently, on a journey discovering the joys of motherhood and the journey of a little one growing, learning and playing in this big wide world.


It's my goal to nurture creative thinking through illustration to create stories that kids and parents love!

19 May Alice sleeping.jpg


Thank you for being here and following along on our journey!


For those of you new here, WHEN ALICE SLEEPS was inspired by my little girl, Alice. When I was on maternity leave in 2018; Alice slept soooooooooo much, I often wondered what she would dream about so I began illustrating all the fantastical and dreamy adventures she embarked on as she slept, as her alter ego – Alice Rabbit! A bunny sporting a magical strawberry birthmark, making friends with her dream world’s most interesting and flamboyant characters!


We are about sparking imaginations and creating meaningful memories via illustration and stories to inspire little minds. Every child deserves an adventurous Alice Rabbit.


This is what we believe, and it’s why we have grown our website into a home for kids’ art prints and gifts that capture the same magical spirit we have grown to love and cherish. Our style is vibrant, colourful and playful, often with a sense of humour.


We look forward to jumping head first into this dreamy project together.

Cindy x

Proud mum to Big Al and Alice Rabbit.


Dreamy Gifts

Explore our collection of wall art, gifts and home accessories to cherish when small and remember with a smile.

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