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Eat Hong Kong Scavenger Hunt

Join us over Easter (21st – 7th April, 2024) as two colourful friends, Alice Bunny and Jimmy the Crab embark on a magical culinary quest to the dazzling city of Hong Kong.


Jimmy armed with his keen senses and trusty pincers; Alice, with her floppy ears and a heart full of curiosity. With a huge sprinkle of stardust, they both surface near the sparkling Victoria Harbour, ready to discover the culinary wonders that awaits them.


THEIR MISSION: to hunt (discover) the secrets of the country's favourite local culinary spots and create sweet, savoury, and unforgettable moments together.


Eat Hong Kong

Celebrate the rich flavours of Hong Kong!


From traditional Cantonese dishes to fusion delights, our Scavenger Hunt promises an unforgettable culinary adventure. We'll be sharing our favourite eateries and local attractions on our social channels and Blog. As you follow the duo on their gastronomic adventure, jot down all the places they visit to eat to learn something new about Hong Kong food!

Flavours of Friendship

Alice and Jimmy aim to venture through iconic neighbourhoods, uncovering hidden gems and local favourites along the way. From savoury dim sum to sweet pineapple buns, each stop promises to tantalise your taste buds and ignite your senses.


Plus, download our free kids resources and join in on the delicious fun!


Dim Sum Delights


Mong Kok Munchies

Cool stuff you should know, even though it's kinda long!

Our activities are designed for children in Early Years and Years 1 & 2. Teaching children about local foods encourages them to celebrate diversity and embrace different cultural perspectives.


Exposing young minds to new flavours and ingredients expands their palate, making them more adventurous eaters and encouraging healthier eating habits.

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