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Get ready to join Alice and her band of friends as she explores a beautifully illustrated dream world full of fun and adventure, ready to surprise and delight children of all ages!


Hi Friends!

We are thrilled to tell you about our debut paperback children's picture book: “When Alice Sleeps: TREASURE MAP!"

It’s been a long time coming, but we are so happy to share with you a few sneaky peeks of the new page spreads from the book and hope that you'll support us on our journey into the publishing world. 


A beautiful and entertaining bedtime book

In our first book, Alice finds herself captaining a ship, sailing the high seas on a quest for buried treasure with just an old map and her First Mate, Frankie for company. Will they find riches before running into any scary sea monsters?


Why Books?

"Like many parents, We're big believers in reading together with your child. It entertains, educates, brings you closer together........ and gives them a break from YouTube! When my daughter, Alice, was only a few months old I read to her regularly and she's grown up to absolutely LOVE books. 


By creating our very own series of children's books (with colourful pictures!), I hope that we can provide another tool to help parents be a bit more present in their children's lives by just doing a small thing like reading together before bedtime. As Alice gets older, I know that reading together has become part of our playtime and I feel closer to her because of it."

– Cindy Cheung, Creator of When Alice Sleeps


Let's Read Together !

“When Alice Sleeps: TREASURE MAP" is out now and you can get your hands on a copy from Amazon (worldwide). 

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