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A 52 weeks (or 12 months) creative challenge that offers a simple colour prompt for every month in 2022.


First Things First...

What is #yearofcolour2022? 

A 12 month (or 52 weeks if you're feeling ambitious) challenge that asks you to focus on one colour for each month of the year with your creativity. By the end of this challenge, you’ll have twelve new artifacts featuring different colours.


What do I do?

Each month, use the colour prompt word to create something! The prompts are meant to set the mood for each piece that you create.
Whether you choose to hand letter quotes, illustrate a scene, write a short story, stitch something, paint something… just channel the mood of each month's colour as you create. Any form of creativity is welcome! There are no rules to creativity, so do whatever works best for you. Post what you create at #yearofcolour2022.

Don't forget to check out the work from one another and cheer each other on!

Colour Up Your Days

Do I have to join every month? 

Not at all!! You don’t have to take part in all the monthly colour prompts, we all have commitments, and life is already busy enough! Just as and when you can is fine. The goal is to create a more colourful month (leading to year) than we usually would.


What’s the prize? 

Self-satisfaction, PLUS we’ll choose random colourful winners at the end of EACH MONTH to win an exclusive “Year of Colour” sticker. Winners will be chosen at random out of the hashtag: #Yearofcolour2022 and notified via DM.

Check out the suggestive colour palettes and ideas below to help the creative juices flowing!...


Gallery so far...


Big Dreamers

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