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Free printable Fruit & Vegetable Star Chart for Kids

Hands up if you're like me who's trying to get your child to eat more veggies? While eating vegetables and fruits as part of a varied diet is super important to the growth of our little ones, parents like me have found the journey of getting Big Al to eat more greens a lot more difficult than others! So in attempt to make eating fruit and veggies more playful and fun for both of us, I've designed this Fruit & Veggies Star Chart for us parents to use. For each portion of fruit and veg Big Al eats she gets to colour in a star on that day. The more stars she colours in, the more STAR POINTS she collects and at the end of the week or month (depending on how generous I'm feeling), we'll add up the total number of stars she's consumed for a 'special' reward.

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Download our 'Eat the Rainbow' star chart for kids by signing up to our (free) Big Dreamer's Club! Use the chart as an easy way for both you and your child to keep track of what, and how many, fruit and vegetables they have eaten each week. Your child will love colouring and seeing how their tastes change over time. Good luck, we can do this! Cindy x


  1. Sign up to our free-to-join Big Dreamer's Club over here to get your reward chart.

  2. Print your chart; one copy for each 2 weeks you intend to use it. We recommend printing it in colour to maximise your chances of getting your child engaged with it.

  3. Pin your chart somewhere prominent, ideally in the kitchen where your little one can fill it in straight after eating some fruit or veg. We recommend pinning it to the fridge! 🎨

  4. Decide a suitable target for your child's weekly fruit and veg consumption and pick an appropriate reward(s).

  5. Award a sticker or colour in one of the stars when your child eats a fruit 🍎 or vegetable.

  6. Fill your kitchen with fruit and veg and let your child do the rest!

  7. Have fun eating the RAINBOW 🎉

When Alice Sleeps printable activities and resources design and illustrated by Cindy Cheung


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